The genesis collection will have total supply of 8989 unique NFTs. The holders of these NFTs are considered founding members and will have special access to Apoklypt universe. Join our discord for more updates.


This collection is specially created for 2D lovers. Apart from the art, these tokens have a special purpose. There is burning and staking mechanism associated to this collection. More updates can be found on our discord. It will be a free mint(+ gas) for genesis NFT holders. 1 Genesis NFT = 1 2D NFT.

Gaming Assets NFT

This collection has dynamic NFTs created for game lovers. For each static genesis NFT there will be similar(metadata) dynamic NFT which will be live in our P2E game. All the traits (Armour, Weapons, Back Boosters etc) will have gaming utility. This will also be free to claim for genesis NFT holders. 1 Genesis NFT = 1 Dynamic NFT.

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