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Apoklypt is one of the biggest planet, situated at the heart of Metaverse. Synonymous for death and destruction, it is home to some of the most notorious civilizations. Apoklypt has always been a battle ground of these races for dominance over each other. Due to these endless wars and vast geography, Apoklypt is still unchartered, mysterious planet, but not for long because the change is hovering over Apoklypt’s stratosphere.

Our vision is to create character based web3 entertainment company with original Apoklypt Superheroes & Villains, Sci-fi universe, IRL Comics, Toy Collectibles, Cool Merch, Video Content and much more. We humbly invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.


The Renegadz are a band of space hippies, degens as some call them. They are not needed anywhere yet wanted everywhere because they don’t play by the rules. Whether it’s grooving to their favorite tunes or raining deaths on their foes, Renegadz do it with style. They live to lock horns with systems controlled by imperialistic forces. They have mastery in building armours and advanced weapons.

Each Renegadz NFT is a playble character in P2E game. Carefully designed with more than 250 traits including 120 unique armours, weapons, back boosters etc.. each NFT serves dual purpose of art and utility, which will be revealed in P2E game.

Ape-x Territory

Not long ago, Ape-X zone was a massive forest, home to Kong apes. Till one day an unknown flying object appeared on its horizon to change its fate. It was a space ship which had an evil being aboard, Klazzo, belonging to a far superior civilization. Klazzo adorned a mysterious gem which had the power to mutate any living being into complex machine. Klazzo unleashed his mystical gem on Kong Apes. In no time, the whole place was turned into an advanced machine city. The might of kongs and processing power of machines turned simple apes into most advanced and dangerous species now known as Ape-X. They have no feelings except that of rage and an urge to rule the Apoklypt. Headed by Supremo Klazzo, Ape-X are one of the most fearsome empires of Apoklypt. Klazzo can manipulate anyone anywhere in his territory. There is a huge bounty placed on Klazzo’s gem stone which is what Renegadz have come to claim.

Ape-X territory will be the first map in our gaming ecosystem. Multiple unique territories with several fantasy characters have been planned for planet Apoklypt.

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